Plantae Story

Plantae is founded on the founders’ agricultural business experience and great passion. The key goal is to create an empathic and valuable business that can save animal lives and make the world a better place, which is why plant-based is the best option. After running Grotech and Corofield, Plantae is the third brand, following by SV Group. Plantae’s products are 100% plant-based and suitable for all generations. The Plantae’s signature is a seamless flavor with creative and innovative branding that can blend in with any lifestyle.

We don’t just provide food, we save “Lives”,
And we them feel Healthier, Smarter and Responsible

Our values are to Avoid Allergies by using only plant-based ingredients, to be a Better Choice in every morning with convenient forms and designs smart for millennials urban, To be Responsible for Planet, Animal, Human and to Integrate Innovation by creating functional plant-based products and be transparent.

  • 30g. Complete Plant Protein

    - Dutch Chocolate
    - Nude
    - Vanilla
    - Hojicha
    - Matcha

  • 20g. Protein + Collagen Booster

    - Strawberry

  • 20g. Protein + Superfoods & Greens

    - Mixed Berries
    - Green Smoothie